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02 August 2006 @ 07:17 pm
*smiles and waves hi* I haven't actually advertised my fics here, and in the light of a series of very recent updates, I thought I'd mention those that I've updated within the past week.

1. In the Wake of Silence
A series of one shots, based around an unrequited Rufus/Tseng. Rufus, a lot of unspoken words, and all the guilt and heartache that ensues.
Rating: PG, safe for work.

2. Empire
In-progress multi-parter, based after the events in AC and tracking the rebuilding of Shinra Company and the world, and the problems that plague all of them.
Rating: PG-13, safe for work.

3. Never to Hope Again
Also a Kadaj/Rufus, which should give you some idea that this is, actually, rather twisted. Rufus, a world that isn't what it should be, and a war that he can't perceive being waged around him. Oneshot, complete.
Rating: PG-13, safe for work. Some violence.

A complete listing of my Tseng/Rufus works can be found here.